Spring Clean Your Mind…And More

Spring Clean Your MindHello and best wishes.  As spring is now officially here and we are turning our minds to the traditional idea of spring cleaning, how about a something a little different?  In the three months since the new year, are your dreams for this year still alive?  Or did you even set some goals for this year.  I can easily imagine if you didn’t or they are no longer active.  This happens all the time and has happened to me in the past.  You are in the right place now.

The spring cleaning for your mind funshops are specially designed to give you the three key tools to come alive and surprise yourself and others with what you can achieve and not by working harder.  By relieving the stress you have been feeling and getting clear on what you want, and by eliminating the wasteful practice of fighting with yourself and others.

You can get the details for the funshops at this link http://happinessworks.ca/spring-clean-your-mind/

The book Happiness Works! Get Yours Here! was declared the Inspirational Book of the Year for 2012.  We are studying this book in a group setting starting Tuesday, April 8th. You can see the difference this group has made for people by clicking the testimonial tab above.  If you are open to joining this group, you can register at this link.  http://www.meetup.com/I-want-happiness-working-for-me/events/171806432/.

There will be other opportunities to increase your health, productivity and improve your relationships in the near future so keep watching this space.

I am looking forward to meeting you at one of these event.

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Revving Up Happiness For 2014 Success….

Embrace Happy Living In 2014

Embrace Happy Living In 2014

Well here we are in 2014 and I am excited.  2013 was  great year of spreading happiness and helping people let go of their troubles, stress and hurts.  In this year, let’s get our collective mojos working and spread the happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle far and wide.

If you want to see some of the results Continue reading

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Happy Into the Christmas Holiday Season…

Golden Christmas GiftHello Dear Reader,

May this season be the most joyful in your memory, and may it become one to treasure throughout the years.  This idea can be yours with just a little new thinking and action on your part.  Imagine letting go of the stress, feeling great about yourself, and being appreciated by others.

Here is your recipe.  Continue reading

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The Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year for 2014

Merry ChristmasIt is that marvellous time of year again where we focus on the happy times, giving, celebrating and sharing experiences with those closest to us.  What a great idea and what a great opportunity.

Unfortunately, all of this sometimes gets lost in the struggle of getting things done, working through old conflicts with those close to us, and all the temptations to over indulge.

There is a way to switch from all of these troubles to what we really want at the beginning of this story. Despite a huge amount of conflict, clutter and stress, I have been able to create a happy and harmonious environment in and around me.  Wouldn’t you love to do the same?  Here is your golden opportunity.

Happy 2014During the Christmas and New Years celebrations, you have the opportunity to learn how to turn troubles into triumphs, and embrace the dreams you may have put on hold.  2014 can be your year to breakthrough.

At this time, there is a 50% price reduction on the Happiness Breakthrough Bundle.  This includes a copy of the award winning book, “Happiness Works! Get Yours Here!”, and two free months in the celebrated online community in the “Stairway To Happiness Heaven” daily happiness inspiration program as well as three one-on-one coaching sessions with Stephen Whiteley.  His clients have been making remarkable transformations for the better and now you can join this happy nation.

Full details for this offer are at http://happinessworks.ca/store/happiness-breakthrough-bundle/.  You may have had trouble getting lasting positive change working for you in the past. Many people are in this position, and as a result, their innate desire for improvement and increase gets focused on everyone around them.  Time and effort then switch to telling other people what to do, and how they should change.  Unfortunately, this is the recipe for conflict and stress. Most conflict is caused by people trying to change other people.

At Happiness Works, we are experts in creating and sustaining positive change. We know how it works and how to get it working for you.  Our clients are proof of this.

So when you learn how to create and keep positive change, you will end the conflict in you and around you.  The Happiness Breakthrough Bundle is waiting for you and will show you how to create lasting personal progress toward your deepest desires and your full potential.  Here is the link to your transformative, happy and successful 2014.  http://happinessworks.ca/store/happiness-breakthrough-bundle/.

Take care, stay well, have fun!

Stephen Whiteley

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Less Stress and A Happier, Healthier Holiday Season

Hello and Welcome,

Merry ChristmasAs Christmas and all of the other seasonal holidays are coming upon us, it is easy to get stressed and be concerned about the age-old problems of over-eating and over-spending.

Can you imagine a holiday season where you enjoy your treats in a balanced way?  How about knowing just what gift you want to give and finding it easily and quickly?  Think about having the decorations, special cooking, wrapping and mailings done early and enjoying your time with family and friends. You may have never experienced this, but you can get it working for you.  Join us on 30 November to learn how.  This link will take you to all of the details.  http://bit.ly/1fFsFUF

Have a Happy, Healthy and Low Stress Holiday Season with you and yours.

Here is the link once again.  Just click now to get the details and reserve your spot. http://bit.ly/1fFsFUF

Take care, stay well, have fun!


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The One Thing Stopping You From Ending Unhappy in Relationship…

life-purpose?_1Hello and best wishes.

It may sound too good to be true but if you are looking to end unhappy in relationship, there is one major issue that you haven’t even thought of that is in your way.  Yes, there
is only one real issue that is creating your stress, conflict and relationship pain, and that
issue is totally under your control.  What is this issue that is the key to ending unhappy
in relationship?

Continue reading

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Let There Be Happiness In Your Life Now….

Happy Together

If you find you are spending too much time feeling unhappy with life, it is time to make a change. Perhaps you have been feeling that the problem is somebody or something else. While that can be the case, most of the time, it is Continue reading

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What a Great Day to Embrace Your True Happiness…

Get Happiness Working For You

It is a beautiful day, spring is in the air, and we all can choose what we want out of this day.

For me, I will going on Rogers Daytime TV (Cable 22) in Ottawa and passing on the message of happiness, health and success to everyone who will listen. If this message interests you, you can connect more with this reality in your way of living in several ways.

One way is the get a copy of the book “Happiness Works! Get Yours Here!” through the link on the top right of this page. Another is to connect with me through the contact page.

In any case, your choices today are the foundation of the days and results to come. So you are wished all the best in what you decide, do and achieve. May this day create a strong foundation for the way of living you have been dreaming about. It is in your grasp.

Take care, stay well, have fun!

Stephen Whiteley
Happiness Works

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Feeling bad about unhappy in relationship?

Yes, we can be happy in relationship ...

We all start out in relationships to feel good.  We stay in relationships that we believe will make us feel good over the long term.

Still, it doesn’t seem to work that way.  Something seems to change, almost without us noticing and one day, we suddenly realize that we have been unhappy in relationship for some time.  I know, because this is what happened to me. And then we notice that our partner is not doing what they said they would, and we start talking about that, and it doesn’t seem to help at all. Continue reading

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You, yours and feeling happy with life….

Yes, we can be happy ...

Having noticed quite a lot about how people react to certain words and situations, it seems like we all want to be recognized and appreciated.

When we criticize and tell others how to behave, it seems Continue reading

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